Refrigerator repair

Can large-sized equipment be fixed on the same day?

Trick question, however the answer is positive. 95 out of 100 calls of our masters have this outcome: on the same day master comes and fixes it. In 15 years we have renewed hundreds of handles and, probably, thousands of rubbers on doors. Moreover, we have lost count after ten thousand’s detail for replacing of electronic components

First call to the service is like the first acquaintance: it is important for us to find out more

If breakage of refrigerator made your skin crawl don’t get desperate. Our specialists will recover your fridge so that only it freezes. Most important is to call Powerstream service.

Our manager will clarify the symptoms of malfunction and its possible reasons. After precise diagnostics our specialist will tell you how much the repair will cost (from and to, since the exact reason is unclear prior to diagnostics) and provide guidance on repair terms.

The majority of malfunctions can be resolved on the very same day. We do all we can to make our clients always satisfied.

Speed and good result demonstrate symbiosis of indicators of perfect master’s work. This principle guides us so we can tell you for sure that almost any fridge’s breakage is eliminated in 2 hours. And most often, this time is specified with considerable margin.

One more thing: we never replace a functioning detail if it’s not necessary; we arrive with a basic set of spare parts for your model. No matter what the symptoms are, we need to be prepared for everything. Furthermore, we know how conveniently it is to deal with breakage in one day, – less trouble for a client and more pleasure for us.

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One of our expert technicians will be on the way to getting your appliance up and running as soon as possible. We are your one stop appliance repair shop.

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Most frequent fridges’ breakages

Freezing doesn’t happen

Breakdown of a thermoregulatory, freon leak and many more causal links. By means of multiple-use meter we diagnose a device thoroughly until we find a malfunctioning “stumbling” detail. After that we replace it.

Excessive icing inside

Apparently, system of thermoregulation is working incorrectly. We inspect temperature sensors and control unit. Then we eliminate a malfunction by replacing faulty elements with new ones.

Only freezer is working

Here are some major reasons: malfunction of thermoregulatory, depreciation of control board, freon leak, problems with air circulation system or problems with defrost system. Powerstream - urgent repair of refrigerators will help you to eliminate the problem of malfunctioning fridge. We will find a faulty element and replace it with a new one.

Leakages appear

Leak of water under device means that there is a clog in a drain system or depressurization of a pipeline. We find a reason of leakage and eliminate it.

Switches off after switching on

This problem has an electronic nature, including motor. We execute repair of control units.

Noise and rumble during operation

That is caused by malfunctioning fan or breakage of compressor-motor. It’s hard to predict precisely when we have these symptoms. Sometimes it is enough to replace a fan, however, sometimes we need to replace compressor.

Brands we repair

No matter where you bought it, we can fix it. We repair most major brands, makes, and models.