Range, Stove, Cooktop repair

Your oven doesn’t heat or keep the temperature? Your cooktop doesn’t turn on or works just partially? Call Powerstream and we will repair your appliance at affordable rates and as quickly as possible!

Company’s technicians have plenty of experience in cooktops and built-in ovens repairs, including Wolf, Bosch, Dacor, Viking, Samsung, Frigidaire, GE, Bertazzoni and other brands. Our technicians always carry a basic set of original parts which allows them to eliminate the majority of common issues during the first visit!

The most common cooktops’ problems

Gas burners turn off on their own

This gas stove malfunction is caused by the problem in a gas flow control system. Specifically, the thermocouple might be faulty or solenoid valve could be overlapping gas.

Gas stove burners are barely burning

Poor burning might be caused by a couple of reasons. Problems with pressure in gas conduit. Gas intake hose is pinched, gas valve is faulty, gas injectors are clogged. Check the hose for creases and pinches

Gas burners are noisy

The noise appears due to uneven gas and oxygen levels entering the burners. Perhaps, the burner was misplaced or set incorrectlyafter cleaning. Try to set the burner right where it belongs. Is these doesn’t help, there is a chance that cleaver’s replacement is required.

Electronic gas stove ignition is faulty

If the electricity enters without problems but ignition doesn’t work, then it’s malfunctioning. The electronic ignition module might have to be replaced. Moreover, the problem might be in malfunctioning high voltage wires or electrodes. Quite often the micro switches located on gas valves might cause the problem.

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Most common gas stoves and ovens problems

Gas stove, cooktop or oven burner burns poorly or doesn’t burn at all

The spark on a malfunctioning burner is weak, hits sideways or is lacking. Meanwhile, all other burners are igniting without problems. Ignition plug (piezo- or electric ignition). The candle gets clogged with fat, its isolation gets cracked or plug’s steel rod acidifies due to the water impact. The malfunctioning plug is to be replaced.

Cooktop or oven Electronic ignition is constantly clicking and is not turning off

Ignition block is malfunctioning. It generates a sparkle for burner’s plug. The ignition module might have to be replaced. Moreover, high voltage wires replacement might be needed.

Burner of a gas stove, cooktop or oven burns poorly or badly

Apart from it, it might smoke with red or yellow flame. Clog of a burner’s nozzle hole. It can be caused by fat or food leftovers that fall into the burner while cooking. It is necessary to clean the nozzle hole with a thin and sharp tool. Also, regulation of an air shutter might be needed.

The gas stove or oven burner’s handle turns badly or doesn’t turn at all

It might be caused by a clog or acidification of a valve’s pivoted rod, evaporation of lubricant or its falling into the slot between the valve body and a spigot of minor parts, that prevent a handle from turning. Burner’s gas supply valve has to be adjusted. It is controlled by a handle of the relevant burner. It is necessary to disassemble and clean valve mechanisms in solvent. When necessary, the spigot is lubricated, however, in the majority of modern ovens we simply replace the gas valve with a new one.

A “convection” function doesn’t work

Most often, it is the electric motor that is faulty. Less often it could be caused by a heating element. We replace the faulty part.

Gas stove, cooktop or oven gas valve handle is freely turning for 360 degrees

Burner’s handle We replace the handle with a new one.

Increased noise level during oven’s operation

Most probable reason of the increased noise and vibrations is a malfunction in an air-driven turbine. We replace the turbine.

Gas oven produces popping sounds and there’s a gas smell

The reason usually is in a worn ignitor or in a gas valve. By means of diagnostics, we identify a faulty element and replace it with a new one.

Brands we repair

No matter where you bought it, we can fix it. We repair most major brands, makes, and models.