Range hood repair

Professionals from Powerstream service center repair all kinds of range hoods: Viking Range hood, Bosch range hood, Electrolux range hood, Thermador range hood, Dacor range hood, GE range hood, Kobe range hood and all the other brands.

Range hood is an irreplaceable unit in an interior of every kitchen. Cooker hoods are produced by wide range of manufacturers. Generally, this equipment has high quality and can function without disruption and breakage for a long time.

However, just like with any other home appliances, sooner or later range hoods might need repair. It is not safe to attempt the repair on your own. It can cause an irreversible damage to the device. Moreover, the majority of modern cooker hoods have electronic control units and in order to find the source of the problem the technician has to have a basic knowledge of electronics. It is always a good idea to call professionals who are able to repair the range hood quickly and in a professional manner.

How to avoid range hood problems


Position above the stove. If you use a gas-stove in your kitchen, the cooker hood should be positioned 2.6 feet from the cooktop surface, and with an electric stove – 2.1 feet. If you place it below the above mentioned mark, it might lead to hood overheating and further deformation. At the same time, if you position the hood too high above the cooktop it will decrease it’s productivity.


Taking care of filters. Untimely cleaning and replacement of filtration elements leads to the situation when particles of fat start penetrating the device inner parts, covering the motor, the control board and lighting bulbs with an oil film. Besides, air doesn’t flow freely through a clogged filter, that’s why the efficiency of this cooker hood will be equal to zero.


Turning on the fan. If there’s a manual speed switch, it’s always better to turn the hood on on the lowest speed and then increase the speed to a desired level. If you set the highest speed right away it might cause the electric engine overload that can decrease it’s lifespan


Protection from voltage swings. As any other electronic device, cooker hood shall be protected from power supply transients.


Protection from voltage swings. As any other electronic device, cooker hood shall be protected from power supply transients.

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Common reasons of range hoods’ problems

Doesn’t draw in enough air – smell is not eliminated

Possible reasons: filtering element got clogged, fan blades are broken. Repair: rinse metallic fat catching filter with water and dish soap and\or replace the ndisposable filter. In case the fan is malfunctioning it is necessary to replace it.

Power switch is unresponsive

Possible reasons: no power in a power outlet, the protective fuse is blown, the control board or the control panel is malfunctioning. Repair: If the range hood is unresponsive, it is necessary to check the voltage in a socket. If there’s power in a power outlet, the fuse or the control board might be burned out. In a situation like that the repair can only be made by a licensed technician.

Fan doesn’t rotate

Possible reasons: a speed switch burned out, a starting capacitor is faulty, a motor is burned or a rotor is jammed. Repair: After identifying the exact reason of the issue, the technician will replace the necessary part.

The speed switch doesn’t change the speed

Possible reasons: speed controller of the vent hood is faulty; step-down transformer or electronic control block might be malfunctioning. Repair: The main reason of the button switch malfunctioning is normal wear and tear. The switch, the control panel or the transformer would have to be replaced.

No lighting

Possible reasons: one of light bulbs is faulty or the lighting button on the control unit is broken. Repair: Before running to the hardware store for aa new bulb it is better to check if it’s really broken. Filament and halogen bulbs are checked with a tester (multiple use meter) in the resistance measuring mode. Nominal of filament resistance is usually estimated from ones to dozens of Ohms. The situation is rather more difficult with LED lamps. There’s a control driver inside these devices, which makes it impossible to check if the bulb is in a working condition without taking it apart. Due to that fact, in order to check LED bulb, it is easier screw it into functioning lamp-holder. Important! Before checking the bulb in another lamp-holder make sure that its nominal voltage is equal to 120 Volt (vent hood manufacturers often use step-down transformers in the scheme; working bulb’s voltage is usually mentioned on the body). If all the light fixtures are functioning, then there is a high possibility that lighting button doesn’t work. You can also check it with a tester – in a pushed position its resistance shall be less than 1 Ohm.

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