Dryer Kenmore HE2 M/N 110.97562601 gas coils replacement

Kenmore dryer doesn’t heat properly
Kenmore dryer gas coils replacement
The dryer doesn’t heat or drying properly
The most common reasons of this type of issue:

  1. The vent is clogged by lint.
  2. The air blower wheel is clogged by lint and the thermal fuse was burned.

That’s how it looks like:

  • Gas coils or Gas valve are broken.
  • The control board doesn’t work properly.
In these case the problem was with Gas Coils.
The drying process take a lot of time (3 hours or more)

  • Turn off the electrical power supply. Unscrew the mounting bolts as seen in the picture.

Remove the lid by shifting it back.

Unscrew the mounting bolts as seen on the picture. Remove the bottom panel.

Remove control panel (unclip the clips by screwdriver as on the picture). Disconnect all connectors from the control panel.

Unscrew six screws as on the picrure and remove the metal panel.

Unscrew two screws as on the picture.

Unscrew two screws as on the picture and remove front panel.

This is two last screw you need to unscrew. Use small wrench as on the picture .

Disconnect the coils and replace them.

That’s it. Just assemble it back together and enjoy your repaired dryer.
Just remind you, It is recommended to vacuum the inside of the dryer in order to remove the lint and dust while the appliance is disassembled.  Also, it will be better if you clean the dryer duct.

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