Repair commercial refrigerator True GDM-72-LD

An office manager asked us to repair a commercial True refrigerator GDM-72-LD which was leaking water into the main compartment. There was a lot of water on the bottom of the fridge. Diagnostics revealed multiple problems that led to the situation described.

commercial refrigerator True GDM-72-LD

First of all, a drain tube was totally clogged, but unclogging it, cleaning and flushing the drain didn’t solve the issue completely. Turns out, a drain opening on the ceiling of the fridge was clogged, too, and technician had to disassemble the evaporator compartment and remove debris from the evaporator pan. After that, there was still a small amount of water accumulating on the bottom of the fridge. To solve the issue completely we had to adjust the refrigerator’s wheels in order to level the unit correctly because the floor in the room refrigerator was installed in appeared to be uneven.Eliminating all three issues solved the problem and the refrigerator is working properly ever since.

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